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Pia Lebsund

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Somebody tries to say that I dont have Perl Lebovits on Facebook.that is so *It is my pen name. This is me. and I have also:https://www.facebook.com/Perlleb and other pages.February 24. 2023. Please dont pay any attention to scammers saying that I dont have my pages, etc.

Perl Lebovits


Perl Lebovits

Why me? A stolen childhood and sessions,therapy

5 days challenge in November 7 https://www.facebook.com/groups/690036999212772

Next 5 days challenge stars November 7 at 6 Pm international on English.

Day 1 . Stop smoking- About hypnos therapy .How it works and exercises relaxation, breathing and a mini hypnosis.

Day 2 Stop drinking and how it works in less drinking alcohol.Make the exercises from day 1

Day 3.codependency in relationship in couples. what not to to and how to heal it also with my book Love and Disconnections.

Day 4 My new oracle cards in Nature spirits and realms related to the book with the same title.And a reading

Day 5 Conclusion and Booking time for 15 minutes free coaching with me less stress for you. this time I prefer you to click in your name and email to this on www.perl-lebov-its.com

Check my videos on https://www.facebook.com/pia.lebsund. .Let me know your stressors.Here you put in you mailadress(Ange din e-post).Then I can give you information about the 5 days challenge in English starting at November 7 Swedish time pm 6 CEST.  https://mailchi.mp/ff4fdd93aca3/5-days-challenge-in-less-stress-11825112

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Day 5 Conclusion and Booking time for 15 minutes free coaching with me less stress for you. this time I prefer you to click in your name and email to this on www.perl-lebov-its.com

Check my videos on https://www.facebook.com/pia.lebsund. .Let me know your stressors.Here you put in you mailadress(Ange din e-post).Then I can give you information about the 5 days challenge in English starting at November 7 Swedish time pm 6 CEST.

  1. I wrote 35 books(3 courses) and you can have information about my books, genre and sessions here. Check also out my campaigns on my
  2. boutiques. https://www.facebook.com/Perlleb/shop?referral_code=page_shop_tab&preview=1 New for this challenge is mp4 in less smoking in 7 days and less drinking alcohol in 7 days. and
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  4. Mail me so you can have information about 5 days challenge starting at October 10 in English. Mean while you can look more about those books in https://www.amazon.com/s?k=pia+lebsund&i=digital-text&crid=1YK6F1ZBUOZ04&sprefix=pia+lebsund%2Cdigital-text%2C156&ref=nb_sb_noss_1. I will also start live facebook on https://www.facebook.com/pia.lebsund.You can also watch the replays.Please leave comments. You can already look at my offers on https://www.facebook.com/Perlleb/shop?referral_code=page_shop_tab&preview=1 or click
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Day1,Breath technique,Day 2 Relax your body, Day 3, 1,2 and mini hypnosis, Day 4,What went wrong and day1,2,3.Day 5. How will you go on stress free?

About me:

I am educated friskvårdsterapeut (wellness therapist) from Sverigehälsan 2005 with HPB, health profile, and I am also licensed in complementary therapies threw CTAA since 2017.I research on autism in Lärarhögskolan 1997-2001, 2007-2008 in special pedagogics. I have also extra in dyslexia and in dancing, movements, I danced for over 50 years and almost licensed as a dance teacher. I had twenty-six art exhibitions. One in fine art in Miami 2014. I illustrated all my books including Benjamin’s fairytales since 2015.I also made a computer program, deigned, pedagogic tools and some programming that took 5 years to make and evaluated it out on kids with autism in a Schools in Västerås and in a preschool in Stockholm for normal kids. I had this in my research. I also started with a pre study in free time activity for kids and youngsters 1995 and worked thereafter with consulting this in Huddinge, Täby, Vallentuna and Stockholm’s communities from 1996.I also worked as a politician with handicap politics, health, and wellness from 1997 to December 2006. I inspirated Stockholm to have handicap coaches. (funktionshindersombudsmän) as I was active in Stockholm’s community and county. I wrote also handicap program for the Green party. —So, I am a coach in autism, pedagogic and complementary therapies, I am also a coach in complementary therapies for everyone. And I am an oracle card reader and illustrating and making an oracle card deck right now connected to the book Nature spirits and realms beings. I have three different fields. I wrote more the 35+ books on different topics and fields.https://www.amazon.com/s?k=pia%20lebsund…



https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063455321238… https://www.facebook.com/Perlleb/shop_tab

I wrote Why me?A stolen childhood in eight years and is chapters in a short novel.Each chapter is a deeper dive in your psyche.Archetypes can be my mom, dad, me or somebody else. I found out great tools to heal wounds as a second-generation child to survivors from concentration camps.I am a wellness therapist from Sverige hälsan and after decades of healing myself I become also a complementary therapist and I am certified at CTAA in CBT, DBT, NLP, Grief, codependency, psychotherapy, child psychology, past life regressions, hypnotherapy, reiki, crystal reiki, art therapy and much more.https://perl-lebov-its.com/i-offer-complementary-therapies-certified-from-ctaa/ So I will also offer past life regressions and hypnotherapy for groups or individuals.I wrote thirty books about autism, fairytales, but also holistic books and illustrated them. Beerman, a therapist is also recommending my book for first ,second and third generations.My own method Module1,2,3 and courses Learning more skills in autism on http://www.piaalife.se .My book is also as a reference at Forum for living history in Stockholm.Forum för Levande historia and on the library of Stockholms city.https://www.amazon.com/Love-disconnections-Pia-Lebsund-ebook/dp/B09FJ16FQM/ref=sr_1_1?crid=35C6PWMJ05CA7&keywords=pia+lebsund&qid=1640859597&sprefix=pia+lebsund%2Caps%2C148&sr=8-1

If a client is negatively forecasting or catastrophizing, the primitive part of the brain is likely to be in control. This is known as the amygdala, and it works to keep the person safe. However, this part of the brain can have a significant impact the individual’s life. The more stressed the individual, the more risks the amygdala perceives. The amygdala is located within the temporal lobes of the brain’s cerebrum. It has a primary role in decision making, memory, and emotional responses and is a part of the limbic system.

Each side of the amygdala functions in a specific way. Both sides have independent memory systems but the two will work together for storage and interpretation of emotions.The right hemisphere is related to negative emotion and is important for the expression of fear. It processes fear from stimuli around them. It is relevant for the assessment of threats in the person’s environment. It is related to declarative memory i.e., the facts and information from events and previous experiences that are consciously recalled. The right hemisphere is important for episodic memory i.e.,autobiographical memory and recalls sensory or emotional experiences relating to an event.When stimulated, the left side of the amygdala, experiences pleasant, happy, or fearful emotions.

But the left side is important for the brain’s reward system. This part of the brain is also important for the processing of physiologic and behavioural responses to stress.

Stress impacts the amygdala. We can say that it is the foundation of the survival response including emotions experienced. Clients who are stressed are likely to have a larger amygdala.Once stress reduces, the amygdala will gradually reduce in size.I made a special hypnosis for sleeping disorders, anxiety and grief because of this situation in Ukraine. This will be good for you that survived war or had parents surviving war .So I will start with group hypnosis of 5 persons in stress reduction, sleeping disorders, anxiety and grief. I can also work individual on internet,or skype. One session in a group will be for 200 USD.I will make packages of 3. so 3 group sessions 500 USD for a group of 5 for an offer Summer offer.This is for all that needs stress reduction, insomnia, anxiety, grief and more. I need first to know how you feel to see if this is right for tool for you.Evan for you watching a lot on Tv seeing scenarios about the war and news.I am certified by# Dr Karen E Wells and CTAA. Mail me on info@piaalife.se and you will have my booklet.



I asked about what they thought about my 5 days challenge with less stress. Annoula’s Angelplace.wrote this.

Hi a pia and thank you so much for the opportunity to do the 5 day challenge in less stress. I think you have something very good here. Your 5 day challenge is standing out and I haven’t really seen something similar. A good challenge which I can recommend other to do as well. Please feel free to use this as a review if you want and let me know if there’s anyplace where I can write a review for you ❤ Love, Light and Angel Blessings /

Mary Resta: all was great! I enjoy more relaxation exercises Pia it really helped al😍😍😍ot thank you so much🥰🥰🥰

Hello Pia thank you for all you ado! xxoo

I had a past life regression with Pia that was amazing. She helped me resolve issues that I had carried over from my past. It also helped me to better understand issues that I’m dealing with in this life time.

I very highly recommend a session with Pia!!!

Julie Mcntosh

After having a past life regression with Pia I am definitely more able to understand issues that I have carried over from other past lives. Having done this I find myself more relaxed when those issues come up now. I’m able to focus more on the positives that come into my life. I highly recommend Pia! Bobbie Welch

Pia Did LBL past life and future life regression. I was very pleased with her services. She helped bring out a lot of what I’ve been blocked from and has made me much more understanding and calm. I highly recommend her.


Thank you Pia!!!

My LBL was really amazing! Literally out of this world. This experience was so much more than words can describe. I’m so pleased with what I learned about my journey. I think everybody should try this.

Love, light and many blessings 💞

I would like to thank you for my reading, it helped bring clarity and love to my current situation. I so appreciate you and your guidance 🙂

Bobbie Welch I would like to thank you for my reading, it helped bring clarity and love to my current situation. I so appreciate you and your guidance 🙂

Bobbie;Thank you Pia for my future life regression it really showed me where I need to dig deeper in my life and the possibilities that are open and in front of me 🙂

Pia, thank you for the Valentine’s card reading.

Beautiful cards and amazing messages!!!

Bless you for sharing

Mary:My reading with Pia was very comforting and informing, I felt a calmness and love wash over me after receiving it. Thank you so very much Pia


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