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I wrote Why me?A stolen childhood in eight years and is chapters in a short novel.Each chapter is a deeper dive in your psyche.Archetypes can be my mom, dad, me or somebody else. I found out great tools to heal wounds as a second-generation child to survivers from concentration camps. After decades of healing myself I become also a complementary therapist and I am certified at CTAA in CBT,DBT,NLP,Grief, codependency, psychotherapy, child psychology, past life regressions, hypnotherapy, reiki, crystal reiki, art therapy and much more. So I will also offer past life regressions for groups that I am just studying.I wrote thirty books about autism, fairytales, but also holistic books and illustrated them. Beerman, a therapist is also recommending me that was giving therapy for first ,second and third generations for decades. My book is also as a reference at Forum for living history in Stockholm.Forum för Levande historia and on the library of Stockholms city.

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