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Räven designed by Benjamin Lebsund-Chanow

Räven designed by Benjamin Lebsund-Chanow.Benji had about 30+ art exhibitions and 25 with me.He is also a storyteller and an illustrator to nine of our fairytales. He is also making great ceramics and other art forms. Benji never learned how to read or write in School. I learned him how to choose colours and forms and that is his expressions. He can speak but not write. Benji is autistic and will be 37 years this October.He is third generation to holocaust survives both from his mother’s side and his father’s side.Benjamin loves animals and makes a lot in his arts. So, The fox is printed from him hand made on black or dark blue t-shirts for sale for 350 Skr .You have o pay for delivering. The next is Piaalife from Pias brand handmade print from a dancer. Pia is second generation from the holocaust survives and mother to Benjamin.Pias t-shirts,dresses is on white,black or dark blue from 350 Skr exkl delivery.

White,Grey,black, darkblue with gold

Modern urban living with a dancing twist.



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Perl Lebovits ,Why me? A stolen childhood, Varför händer det mig? En stulen barndom. My books on the topic second generation and their parents that survived the concentrationcamps. I will give therapy individual and in groups for this group. I am also a speaker and a complementar therapist. https://limmud.se/na-speakers/pia-lebsund-2/

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